2019-2020 Duke Alumni Band Schedule

Tue, 10/15/2019

Reminder - New Dues Requirement to Play at Men's Basketball Games

Starting this Alumni Band season, there is a minimum annual DBAA dues requirement to be eligible to play in the Alumni Band at Men's Basketball games. We believe these annual dues will help strengthen the DBAA, the Alumni Band, and DUMB for many years to come!

The new dues requirements and registration instructions are listed below.
Dues are due upon registration and are required to confirm your Alumni Band registration.

Registration Instructions

1) First, submit your registration form by clicking this link or the "Sign-up for Duke Alumni Band Now" button below.

2) Next, pay your Alumni Band Dues based on the minimum dues requirements shown below by clicking this link or the "Pay Alumni Band Dues" button below. Dues are due upon registration and are required to confirm your Alumni Band registration.

3) Remember that simply registering and submitting your dues payment is NOT a confirmation that you will be able to play in the Duke Alumni Band as seats are allocated for each game by instrumentation on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon submitting your registration form and your dues payment, we will notify you within 1-2 weeks with an email listing the games you are confirmed to play for. If for some reason we are unable to confirm your registration due to a game being sold out or for instrumentation reasons, you will be placed on the Waitlist for those games. If you are placed on the Waitlist for all the games you register for and we don't remove you from the Waitlist, we'll ask you if you would like a full refund of your dues payment.

Alumni Band Dues Requirements

• If you sign up to play for at least one Men's Basketball game: $50
• If you sign up to play for at least one Men's Basketball game (and you're a recent Duke graduate from 2018 or 2019 or you're a band member who's age is 18 and younger): $10
• If you sign up to play for at least one Men's Basketball game plus Women's Basketball games we’ll refund you $10 for each Women’s Basketball game you register for. For example, if you register to play at one Men's Basketball game and one Women's Basketball game, we'll refund $10 of your $50 dues (or you may simply pay $40 in dues upfront).
• There's no annual dues requirement to play at Women's Basketball games.
• Current Duke undergraduates have no dues requirement. 
Remember that family and friends are welcome to play in the Duke Alumni Band (we encourage it!), but band alumni will have first priority. Each family member or friend must also register separately online to play in the band.


Guest policy (for non-instrument-playing guests): For games in Cameron Indoor Stadium, a limited number of non-instrument-playing guest seats (standing room-only seats in the band section) may become available two weeks before each game, once we know how many band members will be playing in each game. If guest seats are available, a special email will be sent out to all band members with a list of games that guests may sign-up for. Please note that all changes to guest names must be submitted to dukealumniband@gmail.com no later than 72 hours prior to game time. 

Game Day Information

For all games in Cameron: you must be ready-to-play in the band section 1-hour prior to game time. You must first enter the doors of Card Gym (the doors are located directly across from Cameron Indoor Stadium across the sidewalk), then go down the stairs. Once downstairs, head away from Cameron and towards DUMBHell (the band storage room). Once at DUMBHell, go through the underground tunnel towards the flight of stairs that lead up to Cameron. Your name (and any guest names) will be on a security list right before the flight of stairs leading up to Cameron. If you try to enter Cameron through any other method than described above, you will be denied entry.  

Parking for games in Cameron and their guests and will be in the Science Drive Parking Garage (view map here). For Women's Basketball games, parking is free in the Science Drive Garage and no parking pass is required. For Men's Basketball games, parking is also free in the Science Drive Garage, but a parking pass is required in order to park in the Science Drive Parking Garage. For Men's Basketball games, a personalized parking pass with your name on it will be emailed to you prior to each game. If you choose NOT to park in the Science Drive Garage, other parking information is available at this GoDuke.com link for Men's Basketball and this GoDuke.com link for Women's Basketball

Rugbies, Music & Folios

Rugbies: Band rugbies are only available for purchase. Rugbies may be purchased for $85 each by ordering online here:

Select Rugby Size

Dress: Band rugbies and blue jeans are the preferred Duke Alumni Band uniform. If you don't have a rugby, you may also wear a Duke Blue T-shirt and blue jeans.

Instruments for all HOME games in CAMERON or WALLACE WADE: For all games in Cameron and Wallace Wade, you may request a loaner instrument by indicating so on your registration form. If you requested a loaner instrument during registration, please ask for Band Director, Jeff Au, or Assistant Band Director, Alex Casimiro when you get to the band section in Cameron and they will set you up with your loaner instrument.

Instruments for all AWAY games: For all away games (i.e., in NYC and Connecticut), it is your responsibility to rent or purchase instruments on your own (we will not be shipping instruments to/from band members). It is your responsibility to bring your own instrument to-and-from the venue and to handle all costs related to your instrument. As one suggestion for New York City-area games, we have negotiated the following daily rental rates at Jon Baltimore Music (151 West 46th Street, New York, NY - between 6th and 7th Avenues - 212.840.7165 or 212.575.1508): Marching Mellophone ($65/day), Baritone ($65/day), Tuba ($125/day), Trombone ($45/day), Trumpet ($45/day), Piccolo ($65/day), Flute ($45/day), Alto Saxophone ($45/day), Baritone Saxophone ($125/day), Tenor Saxophone ($65/day), Clarinet ($45/day), etc. Lyres are included with the rentals. Percussion instruments can be rented from Carroll Music (625 West 55th Street, New York, NY - 212.868.4120): Hand-crash cymbals ($85/day), Snare drum ($65/day), Bass Drum ($90/day), etc. Note that full drumsets will be shipped to the venue by Duke and do not need to be rented by you.

Music Folios: The Duke Alumni Band primarily plays the traditional Duke fight songs that many Duke alumni already are familiar with (the full Alumni Band music list is below). Band members are highly encouraged to practice music ahead of time so that we can sound our best on gamedays. You can feel free to play the part (i.e., 1st trumpet, 2nd trumpet, 3rd trumpet, etc.) that you're most comfortable playing. You can purchase a Duke Pep Band CD here to practice and play along with the Duke Pep Band and/or you can also purchase songs on iTunes by searching for "Duke University Marching Band." Important: you must obtain a music folio prior to playing in the band (no music folios will be available for pick-up or loan on gamedays). Band members have two options to obtain music folios:

Option 1) Purchase your own, complete music folio online: All band members are encouraged to purchase your own, complete music folio. Complete music folios may be purchased for $25 each by ordering below. If you would like to order a complete music folio, please enter your instrument and preferred part (i.e., 1st Trumpet) using the form below, submit your payment, and we will mail a completed folio to you.

Enter instrument
Enter part (i.e., 1st trumpet)

Option 2) "Build Your Own Folio": You may also choose to download and print your own music, purchase your own folios and lyres on Amazon.com (here's a sample folio available for purchase on Amazon), and build a music folio yourself. If you would like to download and print your own music, your registration confirmation email will include a music download link (or email dukealumniband@gmail.com with your music request), and we will send you a link to download your music.

Duke Alumni Band Music List: Can't Turn You Loose, Fight Fight, Blue and White, Zing It, Devil with the Blue Dress, Satan's Waitin', Dixieland Strut, Dear Old Duke/The Whip, Star Spangled Banner, Calabria/Godzilla ShortsRock Shorts 1 (Smokin/Spell/Shook)Shorts 2 (Hey Ya/Crazy in Love), Rock Shorts 2 (Seven Nation/Fire/Iron)25-or-6-to-4, Chameleon, Cheeseburger, Free Ride, Freeze Frame, Hey Baby, Rock Lobster, Somebody Told Me, Take on Me, Vehicle, Wipe Out, BFM Shorts (Lights/Power/Good Feeling), LCD Shorts (Mortal/Blue/Everytime), Trumpet Ditty, Trumpet Go-Go. 

Lyres: You are responsible for bringing your own lyre to games, if you need a lyre.

Mouthpieces: You are responsible for bringing your own mouthpieces to games.

Take Photos and Videos and send them to us: When you're at the games, please remember to take lots of photos and videos of the band/band members. After the game, please send your photos and videos to dukealumniband@gmail.com and we'll include them in our annual "One Shining Moment" video montage - thanks in advance!

For each Men's Basketball game in Cameron that you sign-up for, we ask that you please also sign up for one Women's Basketball game if possible - thanks in advance!